About me

I am a software and game developer working in Linz, Austria

I love creating beautiful software, games, and web applications. After working as a professional game developer for over two years, I shifted gears to software development. I love taking on new challenges, and learning exciting new technologies.

I have a passion for writing beautiful code, and creating intuitive and elegant designs. While I have a formal software development higher education, I am completely self-taught when it comes to all things web development. You can read about how I custom built this portfolio website here.

After work, a lot of my free time is spent on creating personal projects, usually while learning a new framework or language.


Unity3D / UE4
VueJS / ReactJS
Git / SVN / Perforce

Work experience

Jan 2017
.NET Software Developer
Augmensys, Linz
  • Worked as sole developer on integrating UBIK into a HoloLens application, using Unity. Worked in close cooperation with product management and sales to quickly iterate and prototype various features.
  • Implemented video chat into the UBIK UWP app, using Microsoft's WebRTC for UWP library, including signaling server running on NodeJS.
  • Implemented various customer feature requests into UBIK UWP and HoloLens apps.
Aug 2015
Game Programmer
Force Field, Amsterdam

Was hired after internship, and worked on various projects, most notably Landfall:

  • Implemented general gameplay systems in C++.
  • Implemented the entirety of the character ability system. Created a modular system to allow game designers and artists to create complex unique abilities, without developer support.

After 9 months of work on Landfall, moved on to Term1nal:

  • Implemented UI and general systems behind creation and gameplay of the puzzles. Programmed in C#, using Unity.

Other work:

  • Developed a networked multiplayer game prototype for the HTC Vive using Unreal Engine 4.
Feb 2015
Game Programmer Internship
Vanguard Games, Amsterdam

Worked on 2 mobile game projects during a 5 month internship:

  • Implemented various gameplay features and improvements using the in-house cross-platform C++ game engine.
  • Created tools using C# (WinForms) to improve the design and art workflow within this engine‚Äôs custom editor.
  • Created a large amount of the Term1nal's UI using Unity.